What to do next

If you suspect you have been sold a counterfeit lamp.

Contact your supplier - There are a number of courses of action you can take, but in all instances, we would strongly recommend you speak to your supplier. The chances are they were unaware that they might be selling counterfeit goods and they will be keen to replace your item and address their supply problem. If they aren’t enthusiastic about solving the problem remind them that they are acting illegally.

When questioned, many suppliers will be assured by their sources that the lamps supplied are genuine and there are even fake Certificates of Authenticity from the factory in circulation. Unfortunately, you may need to be persistent and present them with evidence from this site to prove the point and for the sources to finally admit they have been shipping fake product to your market.

Complain to the projector manufacturer – If you wish to make the projector manufacturer aware of a counterfeit issue, most brands have local sales offices and there may be a contact point for complaints on their web site. The manufacturer should be concerned that counterfeit versions of their product are being sold and take an interest in who is selling them. If you are struggling to find a contact person, contact us and we will try to help with details.

Complain to the bulb manufacturer – The bulb manufacturer will be far removed from your transaction but will want to be aware of illegal practices involving their product. Their web sites should provide you a contact point, but we may be able to help if you are unsuccessful.

Contact Just Lamps – We cannot resolve issues you may have with receiving counterfeit goods but we are very willing to help you confirm if the goods are indeed fake and if you are struggling to escalate your concern we might be able to point you in a new direction.

Contact the authorities – As an illegal practice, the issue can be taken to the police. In some countries there are other authorities who take the main interest in counterfeit goods, some suggestions can be found in What are the Risks, but it may be best to do your own internet research.