Some bulb manufacturers supply two customer bases, OEMs and After Market manufacturers who make their own branded lamps. E.g. Diamond Lamps.
The light source within the lamp.
Bulb Manufacturer
One of seven specialist companies that produce Bulbs for OEMs.
The plastic or metal housing that the bulb is located within. It includes the connector, air grills, cables screws etc.
1. Symbols are different design and location.
2. Markings from moulding machine should always be in the same place.
Term usually associated with copy lamps that are made by 3rd parties. These lamps are a lower cost but also of lower quality with reduced brightness and shorter life.
Diamond Lamps
A manufacturer of high quality replacement lamps. They buy bulbs from the same bulb manufacturer as the OEM for high performance and then manufacture their own cage to create the lamp.
Diamond Lamps
Genuine Lamp or
Original Lamp
Overused terms that are often used to deliberately confuse consumers.

OEMs will describe their lamps as ‘genuine’ as they are the ‘original’ manufacturer.

After Market lamp producers will also use the same words as they use the same high quality light source as ‘originally’ used by the OEM to give a ‘genuinely’ identical performance.

Used by many other manufacturers and distributors in relation to under performing alternative or copy lamps. They are their own ‘original’ brands or designs and are ‘genuinely’ theirs!

The bulb and cage combination that is replacement item swapped out.
The machine tool used to create plastic cages. The tool leaves clear marks on the cage and should be in identical positions if the same tool
is used.

Markings from moulding machine should always be in the same place.
Original Equipment Manufacturer, such as NEC or Sony who buy bulbs from a bulb manufacturer to produce a lamp to go inside their branded projector.